Cookies & Cocktails

If you are planning an upcoming holiday soiree, try pairing your favorite, festive sips with complimenting cookies. We have you covered with great cocktail ideas and some sweet treats to accompany them.

Cranberry Bubbly

For a light, sweet option, try a a glass of classic bubbly but add some cranberry juice and a few frozen cranberries. Orange or grapefruit juice would work as well. Serve them along with these champagne macarons from Nadege.

Candy Cane Coffee

Coffee and Baileys is often a staple this season, but try using a different flavour than normal. The peppermint will be a refreshing, welcomed change and go great with these waffle almond biscotti from Loblaws Cafe

Spiced Rum & Egg Nog

Rum with egg nog, as well as shortbread cookies, are classic holiday traditions for most. However, why not make your own egg nog this year? Try this recipe, be sure to sprinkle with some nutmeg, and have a cheers shortbread cookie from Confetti, to go along with.