Holiday Cheer from Those so Dear!

As I was prepping to do another Holiday design post for you all I thought instead I would ask a few inspiring friends that dominate at owning their personal lives as well as juggling their own businesses (Super Women and Men if you will! haha)  what the Holidays mean to them! In the midst of the madness it's always nice to actually sit down and reflect on what really is most important - family and friends. Thank you to these wonderful humans for always keepin' it real and motivating us all!!!  

I asked them two simple questions:

1. What do the holidays mean to you?
2. What is your favourite holiday design idea (we always love new ideas!)?

CATRIONA + H - COCO AND COWE  @cocoandcowe

1. What do the holidays mean to you? 
The holidays for me are all about being with family.   Being that Canada wasn't my family's first home, Christmas was always an intimate time for us to create new traditions.  I have the best memories from growing up and love the fact that I can now share these magical times with my daughter.

2. What is your favourite Holiday design idea?
I love it all!  Setting an incredible table, wrapping gifts with interesting paper that I've found on my travels and of course cooking.  Though the holidays can get overwhelming, I love that it's the one time of the year where you are encouraged to focus on the details and maybe even go over the top a bit with things like glitter and gold.

KIP + FAM  - OWNER OF 22FRESH  @22fresh 

1. What do the Holidays mean to you?
The holidays mean dedicated time to friends, family... And food. ;) I'm inspired by so many friends and family and thrive on being around them. I've got 2 busy, hilarious boys and an amazing wife!

2. What is your favourite Holiday design idea?
At work we do a secret Santa and the creativity behind all the gift ideas are incredible.  This year I painted a gift for a friend which is a hobby of mine I haven't done in 15 years. At home, I like to get the creative juices flowing by helping in the kitchen. I really enjoy cooking and trying new cooking methods and different recipes.
I also love "working" the floor for a few hours at 22fresh during the holidays to help people pick out gifts. 


@citizendesignco - website coming soon!)

1. What do the holidays mean to you?
Besides the obvious celebration of the birth of Jesus, Christmas is such a joyful time of year where there is just something different in the air. It's a time of year when people are a bit more loving and you can see so much spirit.  Christmas means stopping the rat race from one event to another and stepping back and soaking up the moments and memories, remembering our loved ones that are no longer with us, enjoying the love and laughter of being together with all our special family + friends that come together. Christmas means reflecting on life and relaxing, watching the magic in my children eyes, giving gifts, snuggling up in warm blankets and of course sipping hot drinks while watching classic movies with all my babies. 

2. What is your favourite Holiday design idea?
My favourite part of holiday design is for sure the classic tree decorating with the whole family. We turn on a Christmas classic and go to town on the tree. I used to be so particular in the beauty and theme of our tree and making sure that all the ornaments where perfectly placed. Now its about watching my children light up when I let them help as they throw the balls to the top in hopes they will get caught. I love watching them be so proud of the tree as they stand back and comment on how beautiful it is when we turn the lights on for the first time.  Not to say I don't move the 12 ornaments hung on one branch around the tree when they head to bed! ;)

JENNY + FAM - OWNER OF LITTLE CITIZENS  @littlecitizensapparel

1. What do the holidays mean to you?
Now that I am a mom, the holidays are all about starting our own family traditions. I want to create those memories that Stella will have from the youngest age and we will carry on each year. This year, we decorated the tree as a family, started Christmas baking early so the house has a sugary sweet smell, and we wear our Christmas jammies at night.

The holidays are also a time that we consider those who are less fortunate and try to help in any way possible. We've adopted a "christmas family" and will buy gifts for the two young children that maybe otherwise wouldn't have anything to open on Christmas morning. And we also cook up warm meals and my husband will venture down to the Eastside to hand these out. I know its nothing major, but its important that Stella is aware of the less fortunate and helps, starting out at a young age.

2. What is your favourite Holiday design idea?
Wrapping presents for sure!! I'll even wrap empty boxes just for decor (and because I love doing it so much!) I remember going to the mall with my Grandma at a very young age and always thinking how awesome it would be to have the job of a christmas present wrapper. Haha, so it's a dream come true!